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Aryan Vaid bagged the Mr. India pageant and the Mister Intl 2000. He was the first Indian to win the Mister Intl award. He hails from Bombay and was voted as the sexiest man in India. He is one of the sought after Indian male super models. He is a qualified chef and a lifestyle columnist along with The Hindustan Times. He was actively involved along with theater and did a few street plays at the Prithvi theater in Bombay. It was in one of these plays that he was offered a character portrayal in the Tv serial Campus. He has acted in a number of BTown films, after debuting in Be-lagam in the character portrayal of an inspector. He was a housemate on Bigg Boss, the Indian version of Celebrity Big bro.

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Rab Se Sohna Ishq


Kahaani Humaraay Mahabharaat Ki

Duryodhan – He was one of the eldest children of Dhritarashtraa and Gandhaari. By nature, he was proud, ambitious and had a hunger for power. A few say his body is made out of thunder and that when he was born ill omens surrounded him. He is really powerful. He befriends Karnaa and makes him King of Anga, so he could be equals along with Arjun. In the war, Duryodhan chooses to fight along with Bheem, who kills him by attacking his thigh, the part of his body not protected by Gandhaaris blessing. A few say it was unfair for Bheem to kill him that way in which it goes against the rules of mace-fighting, yet Duryodhans bad deeds have said for him to deserve it.