Ali Asgar’s Television Shows

TV Serials

Jeannie Aur Juju: Vicky

Dhamaal Express: Ali Asgar – Host of the tv show.

Kante Ki Takkaar – Comedy Circus: Ali Asgar Ali – Asgar and Kashif Khan did a nice job in the laughter serial. They played Soni and Mahiwaal just a while back. There performance was praised by all the judges and they scored really high.

Ghar Ki Bat Hai: Mr. X Mr. – X is the highlight of the tv show. He portrays different characters in every episode. He will be making appearances in get ups such as vegetable vendor, insurance agent, watchman etc.

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki: Kamaal Agarwaal – The fourth child of Agarwaal household, a school drop-out along with a heart of gold, Kamaal steps in to marry Pallaavi when Ajay walks out on her and the household. He is labelled a dimwit, although he comes to the rescues of the household and supports it. Kamaal is intensely unhappy in his marriage, since his spouse does not love him. Kamaal highly values his Bhabi Parvaati Agarwaal and supports her forever in the battles to save their household from evil clutches.

Kutumbh: Samaay Mittal

F. I. R: Inspector Raj – Aryan enters the tv show in season 2. He is attracted towards inspector Chandraamukhi, although she is mostly unaware of his attempts to impress her. Feeling insecure about the fact that Chandraamukhi is taller and physically stronger compared to he, plans of his fail miserably along with Chandraamukhi saving the day in the end.

Laughter Ke Phatke: Ali Asgar Ali Asgar

Zindagi Kahe – Smile Please: Nandkishore Jadejaa

Amul Voice of India Mummy ke Superstars: Host Ali – Asgar is one of the host in the tv show Amul Voice of India Mummy Ka Superstars