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Diwakaar Pundir was born on Nov 11, 1975 in Hyderabaad. He is a artist and a model. He has appeared in a number of movies, such as Don – The Chase Begins Again. Diwakaar did his Schooling from Shimla and university from New Delhi. Flying was accomplished in Lucknow, after that he taught it in Jaipur. It was only after flying lost its excitement that he began Gravieraa Mr India contest and won.  He began his career as a commercial pilot although Diwaker Pundir soon had other plans. And today, even though hes not soaring high up in the skies, he is at peace along with his decision. Actings a passion, and hes doing work towards getting better each day. Diwaker stepped into the world of entertainment after he won a male model hunt contest a few yrs ago. There was no looking back after that. He gave up his job and took up modeling full time. Sonu Nigams video Deewanaa catapulted him into fame and he soon become a known face. He decided to quit modeling and get into acting full-time. It was a conscious decision to do so as I wished to focus on acting totally, he says. Diwaker, , hasnt been too fortunate along with films at least till now. In the last few yrs he did 6 films, although only one was released. He is optimistic though. The other movies should release soon, hopefully. And the fact that a few of his films are still stuck and havent weighed him down. Luckily for him, each time he completed one movie he began to work on an other.  Now, its Tv time again for Diwaker. He has stepped into Reth, a serial where he enacts a lawyer. Its an interesting character portrayal as there is a comic touch to the role. On Tv, one seldom gets to play a character that is serious and yet has a comic feel. Diwaker was last seen anchoring the tv show Crime Patrol on television.

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