Do you know Rajendra Chawla has worked in these shows?

TV Serials

Sanskaar – Dharohaar Apno Ki: Hasmukh Chachaa

Sas Bina Sasural: Pashupatinaath Chaturvedi – Calls himself P M Chaturvedi, as he hates anyone who cuts shot his name and calls him pashu. He is a shadow of his dad, extremely short tempered n does not get along well along with his dad. He is really rude and outspoken by nature, Chun Chun Ke Kadvi Batein Kartaa Hei, by that other people get hurt, he is divorced. His marriage lasted for 18 months and so has a really bad and bitter experience of his tied the knot with life and thus feels that all ladies are bad and cant stand them. He does not have an emotional touch along with anyone.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiya: Rasik Bai – Meneka’s bro, Yuvraj’s real dad, murderer of Karaan and dad, was jailed

Mat Pitah Ke Charno Mein Swarg: Chandaar – Chandaar mama of Shubh. Satyanarayan’s first spouse’s bro.