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Tasneem Sheikh was born in Jammu & Kashmir into a business household. Tasneem completed her schooling in Christ and is doing her Undergraduaation in Jain University. Her mom and dad are her biggest support.

Nominated Best Supporting Actor-al Is well ’10,

Tasneem was linked up along with artist Shashaank in the shoot of Death hunt. Tasneem and Rajatha are in cold war, ever since Rajatha imitated Tasneem.

Date movie Character Hero Notes
’10 Indra Sheela Deepak .
’08 Ran Mohini Harsh Virani Karthik .
’09 Stranger Sneha Karthik .
’09 Dead man alive Amodha Poojit .
’08 I Love You Navya Naveen .
’09 Dream Land Priya Pratyush .
’09 Game Anjali Shashank .
’11 3 Idiots Pia Rao Shashank/Puneet/Ganesh .
’08 Trap Tv Reporter Abhishek Venkteshwar Winner-Pierean Spring Best actor
’11 Priya Nimisha Manoj .
’08 Dr Anjalika Anjalika Yathik .
’10 BTown Amisha Puneet .
’08 Hungry Soul Shreya Shashank .
’10 Aal Is well Mahaa Rani Abhishek Venkteshwar Biggest Hit in Afi
’10 Cricket Mrs Tendulkar Arjun Winner-Filmfare Best Amateur actor
’08 Death Hunt Priya Shashank Super Hit
’11 Soul Mate Divya Kushal .
’08 The Wild Dreams Kajal Arjun .
’12 Death Hunt 2 Neha Shashank Filming
’10 Breakup Sidd Neha Abhishek Venkteshwar .
’10 Krishna-Radha Radha Ganesh .
’10 Katha Meera Prithviraj Debut in Malayalaam

Nominated Best Supporting Actor-al Is well ’10

Nominated Best Supporting Actor-al Is well ’10

Tasneem Sheikh was an ordinary student until she got a chance to act opp the Super hero Shashaank in Death Hunt, that movie was one of the biggest hits of ’08. She was noticed and a lot of offers poured in. She did a lot of movies and they were all hits. She starred in Charaan s thriller Trap opp the Youth Icon Abhishek Venkteshwar. The movie became a blockbuster and Tasneem was crowned as the queen of Afi. She won a lot of awards such as the Pierean Spring best actor for her portrayal of a Tv reporter in Trap. She went ahead did a few very notable movies and proved her calibre as an actor. She has starred in many hit movies and is referred to as the queen of Afi.

Tasneem Sheikh is a movie actor doing work in the Afi Amateur movie business. She made her Career-staart in the movie Death Hunt opp super hero Shashaank and Youth Icon Abhishek Venkteshwar. She rose to fame for her character portrayal as Reporter in Trap, this movie catapulted her to the top league. She starred in many Afi blockbusters such as Cricket , Al Is well, Krishna, thus establishing herself as a leading contemporary actor in Afi, Rome . She is considered to be the successful actor in the Afi and is named the Golden girl She is the actor to have did work along with all the top stars such as Shashaank, Abhishek Venkteshwar, Karthik. She is really versatile and in a short span of 3 yrs has become the favourite of the business. She is the highest paid actor in the Afi charging Rs 40, 000 per movie.