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Malini Iyer: Pankaaj Sabharwaal

Jiya Jale: Krishnakaant – Sunaina’s dad. He is Principal of university where his younger child Sujataa studies. He is really honest man whom whom his family means world to him.

Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Nata Koi: Adheer Singh – He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it That is how Tashi describes her loving dad. An endearing handsome personality, he comes across as a soft spoken and humble person and one capable of making countless sacrifices. Inspite of his age he has maintained himself really well. His amiable, pleasant nature makes him the favorite of whoever he meets. He runs a little quaint restaurant and is still trying to become a cook. His efforts to prove to the world that he can cook is the bane of quite a few funny and hilarious incidents between the dad and child. He has managed to strike a balance between his work and bringing up Tashi and considering her wonderful qualities he seems to have done a pretty great job. Extremely well read, knowledgeable and intelligent he has an analytical mind. He is sensitive and emotional and does not believe that boys dont cry and you will find him howling while watching an emotional movie. Inspite of his sensitivity he has an innate strength that has calming effect on the others. He is an example when it comes to loyalty and honesty in a relationship. Having lost his spouse Rohini to a freak accident 17 yrs back he still fondly remembers her and celebrates their marriage anniversary every yr. Till today his morning begins along with wishing her a great morning first. Though there were a couple of opportunities to settle down again he has happily remained committed to his love. Tashi admires this quality. His journey is from being a loving dad to being the supportive wall that stands between the evil forces and Tashi when it matters.

Bidai: Kishan Chand – He is an artist by profession. He looses his spouse, as he couldnt pay hefty hospital bills when she was ill, so leaves India to earn money, so that his child doesnt face any financial problems in life. A self made man and his dream is to see his children Bidai. He is grateful to his bro-in-law Prakaash, as he was the one who came forward to help him in his time of grief. Although he hasnt seen Sadhanaa, he is in touch along with her through phone conversations, letters and he sends gifts and drafts for her.

Shararaat: Suraj Jiyaa’s dad

Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani: Dr. Abhimaanyu Joshi / Manu

Bidai: Kishanchaand Awaasthy

Ghar Aja Pardesi: Raghaav

Sasural Genda Phool: Kamaal Kishore Bajpaai – A kind and loving dad, Kamaal Kishore Bajpaai has lovingly raised his children Suhanaa and Sunehri after his wifes death. He could never ever see his children sad and has thus showered them along with everything they wanted. Although today he knows his children need to get settled and is desperate to get his elder child Suhanaa tied the knot with. Although Suhanaa is in no mood to tie the knot. In spite of her resistance, Kk starts his search for a suitable groom along with the help of his sensible younger child Sunehri, looking for suitable boys so that Suhanaa agrees to get tied the knot with. When he finally meets Ishan and his family he is sure that this is the household where his child will get so much strong fondness that she will definitely change herself.