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Personal Details

Priyanka Bassi is Basically from New Delhi and has attended Barry John’s theater Group.

Start of Career

Priyanka did modeling for many brands for ex- Santoor, Bsl suitings etc. And done countless videos such as the well-known ‘Para Hoja Soniye’ sung by the well-known Punjabi Singh Channi Singh.

TV Shows

Priyanka made her debut along with India’s Second English tv serial ‘Bombay Talking’ in ’05. She played Sheena Malik an aspiring actor in BTown. In ’06, Priyanka rose to rising fame along with the portrayal of her character Nainaa Singh Ahluwalia, A 22 yr old, in Left Right Left, pretty no-nonsense girl wounded by the death of her bro Naveen Singh Ahluwalia and his declaration of being a ‘Traitor’ instead of a Matryr . For Left Right Left, Priyanka performed all the stunts and the fighting sequences herself to achieve authenticity and attended workshops and Anaalysed the lifestyle of military men and ladies along with the Lrl team. Right now, Priyanka is in Rang Badaalti Odhni on Star One, playing a bubbly Punjabi girl named Samairaa – Sam who happens to be the best buddy of the male lead lead role, Shantaanu Khandelwaal.


Ita awards ’07, where she was nominated for best actor and won Idea Glamour star of the yr.

Zodiac Sign


Date of Birth

21st Aug

TV Serials

Left Right Left

Nainaa Singh – Nainaa’s soul purpose in life and joining Kma, is to prove her bro Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliaa innocent. Courageous, forthright, focussed are the words that describe this Cadet. Onscreen, she shares an extremely great chemistry along with her mentor, Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawaat and Cadet Amaardeep Huda.

Rang Badaalti Odhani

Sam – Sam is a old university buddy of Shantaanu

Surya the Super Cop

Kaya A – 26 yr old stunning lady along with an electrifying personality. The moment she is introduced to Rajhaans, they freeze and go back in times when they both learnt in the same university. They have a bitter history where a starry-eyed, colourful and immature Kaya had lost her heart to a suave, idealistic, intellectually appealing great-looking university President Rajhaans who rejected her and went on to mock her. 7 yrs , a lot has changed. Kaya is a mature, sassy, sophisticated, no-nonsense , skilled homicide investigator respected and even feared by her colleagues.

Survivor India-The Ultimate Battle

Priyanka Bassi