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Tujhko Hai Salaam Zindagi: Meenakshi

Sath Sath Banaayenge Ek Ashiyan: Rama Singh Rama – Singh is Abhay’s mom.

Dekha Ek Khwab: Komal Devi – An kid, a princess, and a queen, her royal duties define Komal. Brought up by a large number of nannies and servants, Komal wished to raise her own kid as a hands-on mom. Her marriage to Brijraj was a strategic alliance, and very she felt lucky, he was handsome, well spoken and a great match for someone such as her. She blended completely into his lifestyle, and his family. Her mom-in-law was a formidable person, along with so much personality, that it did not allow for other personalities to stand out around her and Komal was happy to do so. The trauma of losing her kid sent Komal into shock she became emotionless, such as a dead person walking. She has existed ever since.

Palaampur Express: Shikha Dixit – Pavni” mom who was the top athlete of her days; mentally imbalanced due to Illa Singh, a buddy who betrayed her

Balika Vadhu: Meenakshi Anup Shekhar