A list of Chandana Sharma’s serials

TV Serials

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi: Damini – Arrogant, strong headed and thinks she knows it all. She works along with mom and looks down upon the poor. Her redeeming factor is that she is really protective of her mom and sis. She has actually tried to become the man of the household – a child to her mom, and an elder bro to her sis. She is emotional about her family and misses a strong man by her side or a dad figure, although doesn’t serial any flaws. Engaged to a rich guy who pretends to love her.

Yeh Dil Chahe More: Tara Aroraa – Rich and spoilt! She is stubborn and demanding by nature. The times she can’t judge what is right and what is wrong for her. She is fun loving, fearless and great at heart! She never ever allows anybody to dominate her. She has never ever seen the darker side of life and easily trusts the people around her. She is someone who can’t sleep without her teddy bear if she sees a horror film. She sobs every time she sees the climax of Kal ho na ho. Mini and Kamini admire her. She is passionate about 2 things- sweets and. . . Shahrukh Khan! She believes that he will marry her the moment he spots her and even runs away from home to meet Srk.

Dhak Dhak in Dubai: Preeti Mehta – Preeti is pretty and bubbly, and wants to do something worthwhile along with her life. She is smart, tough, quick and ready to fall in love and get tied the knot with — like her mom and dad did. Child of Soniya and Jignesh Mehta — the rich Gujaraati banker settled in Dubai Preeti is an extremely warm and friendly person.