TV soaps that Shahbaz Khan has worked in

TV Serials

Naginn. . Wadon ki Agneeparikshaa: Bhairaav Baba Bhairaav – Baba is Tantrik guru who tells Rudra about the Nagmani, antagonist

Mitwa: Mamchaand – Authoritative both in his business front as well as in the household. He is synonymous to power and command. His interactions along with the females of the household lacks in warmth. He believes that the rules set by him are the final words and if anyone manages to act otherwise, the punishment is death. He is dependant on Nirbhay, for he is the one who brings his plans into action. He recognizes Raghav’s intelligence. He will have a lot of Thehrav in his disposition and won’t be too aggressive or brash in his behaviour.

Afsaar Bitiya: Tun Tun Singh

Sath Phere: Padaam Singh Padaam – Singh is Chandini’s dad, antagonist.

Dekha Ek Khwab: Maharaaj Brijraj Singh His Highness Maharaaj Brijraj – Singh is extremely impressive at first meeting. He is well spoken, beautifully dressed and along with impeccable manners. He is all that you will imagine a royal to be. He comes from a really ancient Chandravaanshi lineage. An Oxford alumnus, Brijraj was given the kind of upbringing that every Royal can imagine, He has a sense of entitlement, a king , the sense that he is and that the rest are his subjects. Born to an illustrious mom, he understands the meaning of being in limelight, he too, is extremely aware of his social abilities.

Grihasti: Jaydev Khurana Jaydev – Khurana is the elder bro of Balraj Khurana

Mere Apne: Bhanuprataap Singh – Once upon a time, Bhanuprataap Singh and Kashinaath Pandey were great buddies and now are bitter enemies. Bhanuparataap is the enemy Kashinaath has in Benaraas. He is out after spending 14 yrs in jail, and he now wants revenge from Kashinaath.