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Sparsh Khanchandani biography

Little actor sparsh, was born on 11th Oct, 2000. This 11 yr old kid actor is studying in 3rd standard in Kendriya Vidyalayaa in Bombay. Little Sparsh belongs to a household of Bombay yet she has made an unique place in the business. Dad : Purshotam Khanchandani, an advocate. Mom : Saritaa, a teacher Success, name and fame can even touch little kids to become a star as happened in case of young sparsh. She has earned a lot of appreciation, praise from everywhere. She is happy along with her acting although The talented kid wants to become an Ias officer to serve the nation along with all her might. The wonder kid is wants to become a great painter. She is a magician and has attracted people by putting up magic serials. She is the brand ambassador for ’11-’12 of children’s edition of a well-known newspaper. The brilliant star has won ‘Young Achievers Award’ in ’10.

About Sparsh Khanchandani

Sparsh Khanchandani is a kid TV actor. She is one of the well-known young faces of the TV. She is a god gifted kid. Talented, expressive, innocent, smart and cute are a few of words would describe the little sparsh. Right now she is playing an smart & cute character portrayal of rashi in Parvaarish – Kuch Khattee Kuch Meethi running on Sony.