Anisha Kapur Television Serials

TV Serials

Ghar. . Ek Sapnaa: Kakul

Dahej: Kalyani Parikh – An effervescent Kalyani is a 22 yr old innocent sweet girl. Being the youngest in the household Kalyani is really lively and mischievous although at the same time really sensible and positive. Kalyani is part of young group who creates awareness about the issues evils in the world. Kalyani is an ideal child; she is ready to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of her loved ones.

Sanskaar Laxmi: Ragini – Ragini is a wannabe starlet who has migrated from North India to Bombay along with a dream of making it big in the TV business. She is of the firm belief that success in the business cannot be achieved without a godfather & it is solely for this purpose that she pretends to be in love along with Suraj. She is selfish and money minded and doesnt think twice a few time before using people or situations to her advantage in order to better her prospects. She likes leading a high society life and uses Suraj to fund all her expenses.

Dulhan: Gauri – Gauri thinks Amar is Shivam, her fiance is tied the knot with Amar although to save her from being tortured by of her entire village