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Gufi Paintal, is a artist who acted in a few notable BTown films in 1980s, as well as TV serials and plays. His bro Paintal and his child Hiten Paintal are artists. Initially trained as an engineer, he will go on to follow his younger bro into acting. Arriving in Bombay in 1969 and Gufi took up modeling, did work as an assistant director for films and acted in films and serials. He has directed his bro. His well-known character portrayal is that of Mama Shakuni in the Mahabharaat Adaaption by B. R. Chopra and his child Ravi Chopra that Paintal himself recognizes as his best character portrayal. Indeed, he is so associated along with the role in India that Paintal presented a political discussion serial on the news channel Saharaa Samaay in the role of Shakuni.

TV Serials

Dwarkaadheesh – Bhagwaan Shree Krishna

Uncle Shakuni

Waqt Batayegaa Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya

Panditji Panditji, – Raichowdhury’s household priest