Do you know all the shows that Gulfam Khan has worked in?

TV Serials

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiya: Rasili Bai Rasili – Bai is Kajri’s boss/partner

R. K. Laxmaan ki Duniya: Rajni Amma Lcd – Kutties spouse. A dedicated fan of artist Rajnikaant, she considers him God. She has a separate temple where she had placed the idol of Rajnikaant and worships it everyday. She runs a catering business and serves south Indian dishes.

Do Hanson Ka Joda: Shanti ShantiRooted to the rituals and customs of her time, she belongs to the orthodox school of thoughts as she has not changed along with times. She is a really direct and on the face lady and does not think twice a few time before discriminating between her own kids and Suryakamaal.

Bhagyavidhata: – Kamini’s mom

Piya Ka Ghar Pyaraa Lage: Tabaassum Pasha – likes to indulge in gossiping, spying and creating minor problems between the 2 Mehta families. She doesn’t want the problems between the Mehtas to resolve and enjoys watching squabbles in Rb Society.