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The story of Ali al-Asghaar’s martyrdom has influenced modern politics. In a Jun 3, 1963 speech delivered by the leader of the Iraniaan Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran, at the Fayziyaa Madrasaa in Qum, specific mention was made to Ali Asghaar as part of a comparison between the Umayyaads actions at Karbalaa and the policies implemented by the Shah against the Maraaji. His argument was that as Ali Asghaar had done nothing to incur the wrath of Yazid ibn Mu’awiya, similarly an eighteen-yr-old Madrasaah student who had been just a while back killed by the Pahlaavi regime had done nothing against the Shah or his government to warrant being murdered.

Abdullaah Ali Al-asghaar ibn Husayn was the youngest kid of Husayn ibn Ali and Rubab. He is honored by Muslims as the youngest martyr of the Battle of Karbalaa.

Ali Al-asghaar is buried with his bro Ali Al-akbaar along with Husayn in Karbalaa, Iraq, that is now the visited shrine in the world. In Muharraam ceremonies and commemorations, Ali Al-asghaar is represented as an innocent kid suffering unbearable thirst. His death is mourned at length in Rawza-khaani literature and in early ta’ziya traditions, a complete majles was dedicated to Ali Al-asghaar, along with the infant’s cradle a conspicuous element on the stage. Ali Al-asghaar is represented in Muharraam processions and mourned in folklore.

Abdullaah Ali Al-asghaar ibn Husayn was born in Medina. He was one of the 3 children of Husayn. The other 2 were Ali ibn Husayn, the fourth Shia Imam, and Ali Akbaar ibn Husayn, who was killed by Yazid’s forces in the Battle of Karbalaa. His sis were Sakinaa , 4 yrs old, Sakinaah and Fatemaa Sughra. Imam Husain took Ali Asghaar in battlefield to serial the condition of 6 month old kid without water. The tragedy was that in place of giving him water, Ali Al-asghaar was killed by Harmalaa who shot an arrow that pierced his neck. According to both Shia and Sunni traditions, the arrow was 3-headed.

Ali Asghar’s death at 6 months old occurred on, 10 Muharraam 61 Ah, that is famous as Ashuraa. He is considered a martyr.