TV soaps that Mona Ambegaonkar has worked in

TV Serials

Badaalte Rishto ki Dastaan: Biji – Biji is the unofficial head of the household. Having been brought to the house as a young kid, she is the loved character in the house. She is the one who brought up the children after their moms death. Though she is sentimental and affectionate, she is the person in the household who dares to talk back to Balraaj. She is deeply loyal and devoted to the Asthanaa household although never ever lets her loyalty come in the way of justice and truth.

Maryadaa Lekin Kab Tak?: Roshni Devi Mantri Ji

Ambaar Dharaa: Lata Shukla – mom of Ambaar Dharaa

Bat Hamaari Pakki Hai: Usha Sharmaa – Usha is Sachi’s mami who stays along with a solo agenda of getting her tied the knot with. . . Though she is a mom figure to Sachi she considers her a responsibility and believes that such as Sanchi’s schooling and studies, her marriage too should happen in time so that tomorrow society does not point at her saying that she discriminated along with sanchi as she wasn’t her own child. . . Mami stays, breathes along with the hope that she will be able to get sachi tied the knot with and when alliance does not work out she is almost tormented.

Cid Special Bureau: Anjalika – She plays Dr. Anjalika, a forensic expert in Cid Sb.