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Woh Rehne Wali Mehlo Ki: Rani Rani – Reena Kapoor plays a young, bubbly girl, disciplined and who has a motto in life. She is studying medicine and is a really bright student who is very active in extracurricular activities. Rani is pampered by everyone in her family and has not seen or even heard of household fights and disputes and for her family is a place where love exists. She is such as any other young city girl, modern yet traditional, Sanskarireligiousaand extreme belief in lord Rama. Paris Sanskaars have been imbibed in her. She cant read Hindi language recites Ramayaanaa along with utmost ease. For she says Ramayaan is in her blood. She doesnt know any household work since she was forever busy in her medical studies or had any time to know about it. Jyotis love never ever let her do all this. She fears loneliness and cant study alone and needs someone along with her all the time. She is Ambitiouswaants to practice medicinefluent in Englishtech savvy and net surfing & E-mailschaatting are a part of her life. She is really lively, full of laughter and fun and when around, brings life to her home. The whole house laughs at her little little fun loving movements. Here she can be compared to Sridevi of the film, Chandni. Rani is really attached to Pari and remembers every teaching and advice given to her by Pari. She follows Paris lessons of life. This is what helps her to successfully sail through her tough marriage and bring together Rishabhs otherwise scattered household. Along with love, she wins over all obstacles.