A list of Chandana Sharma’s serials

TV Serials Love Ne Mila Di Jodi: Damini – Arrogant, strong headed and thinks she knows it all. She works along with mom and looks down upon the poor. Her redeeming factor is that she is really protective of her mom and sis. She has actually tried to become the man of the household – […]

Sonal Vengurlekar’s Television Shows

TV Serials The Buddy Project Season 2 – Now in university: Rukmini – little-town girl along with big dreams. This is how our bold and courageous Rukmini channelizes her thinking! This new Buddy is quite an interesting character that will gradually unfold in the episodes of the tv show. Unlike her buddies from her little […]

Rita Bhaduri marriage wedding news

She is not to be confused along with the younger sis of artist Jaya Bhaduri. Rita Bhaduri is a movie and now TV actor. She initially was seen as supporting actor in BTown in the 1970s, 1980′s, 1990′s and now right now works as TV artist. She is known for movies such as Sawaan Ko […]

Anita Kulkarni’s Television Shows

TV Serials Tujhko Hai Salaam Zindagi: Meenakshi Sath Sath Banaayenge Ek Ashiyan: Rama Singh Rama – Singh is Abhay’s mom. Dekha Ek Khwab: Komal Devi – An kid, a princess, and a queen, her royal duties define Komal. Brought up by a large number of nannies and servants, Komal wished to raise her own kid […]

Priyanka Bassi family boyfriend husband

Personal Details Priyanka Bassi is Basically from New Delhi and has attended Barry John’s theater Group. Start of Career Priyanka did modeling for many brands for ex- Santoor, Bsl suitings etc. And done countless videos such as the well-known ‘Para Hoja Soniye’ sung by the well-known Punjabi Singh Channi Singh. TV Shows Priyanka made her […]

A list of Rita Bhaduri’s serials

TV Serials Bani – Ishq Da Kalmaa: Dadi Koi Dil Mein Hain: – Asha’s mom Kumkum-Ek Pyaraa Sa Bandhaan: Rajeshwaari – Rajjo jee as Sharmaan calls her is really caring and loving. She wants to keep Sumit and Kumkum away from all evils. She Alwaayz supports them. Housewife Hai. . . Sab Janti Hai: Dadi […]